A View from my street — 1895 Henry Bock

Henry  Bock Building, 428 East 75th STreet

Henry Bock Building, 428 East 75th STreet

I’ve lived in this Yorkville neighborhood for decades, and have passed this interesting little white carriage house at 428 East 75th Street practically daily, looking up each time to acknowledge the HENRY BOCK 1895 dedication up top! I’ve been inside it, as well, as several of our animals were patients of the vet who occupies part of the space…

It took about ten years, but I finally decided to research Henry Bock and figure out why his name was on this building!Henry Bock

First stop was ancestry.com. The Bock record in the 1900 census is one of those lovely finds where the enumerator hand writes the street name in the margin. So, here, in 1900, I found the Henry Bock family at 428 E. 75th.  Henry, head of household, lived  with his wife Phillipine, 5 children, 2 boarders (both Horseshoers) and a servant.  Henry Bock listed his own occupation as Horseshoer and indicated that he was a naturalized citizen, was married 15 years, arrived in the US in 1883 and owned the building with a mortgage!

The Henry Bock family in the 1900 census!

The Henry Bock family in the 1900 census!

The most interesting thing to me is that real estate records of 1895 show that Phillipine had her hands and name in  428 East 75th Street, as well as in multiple other transactions in the same time period!  (anyone researching this Bock family? contact me and I’ll give you what I’ve got! I suspect the transactions may involve Phillipine’s family…!)

By 1910, Henry & family are gone from NYC, relocated (or, in one of my favorite old-timey expressions, “removed”) to Seattle, Washington!

The Bock family in 1910

The Bock family in 1910

The Bock family may not have lived on my street for very many years….and they may have deserted my fair city for the northwest, but Henry (and Philippine) did leave their mark, and I (perhaps I’m the only one?) do think of them, almost 120 years later, every time I pass!

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