I’m so excited to be putting the finishing touches on my flash fiction collection, Lightning: A Collection of Very Small Stories. In these one-page pieces, you’ll find Sirens, a red-mustached ghost, talking mice, serial killers, a dog, a mysterious warehouse, a woman lost in a parking lot, ancestors, a crazy farmer, rainbows, a shape-shifter, a factory worker, several stories from the post-apocalyptic world of my novel, A Gazillion Little Bits, and much, much more!

Each story in the collection is under 500 words and 6 or 7 of them are exactly 100 words each.

I’m also thrilled to announce that the wonderful Sam Tsui will be creating the cover for Lightning: A Collection of Very Small Stories! Stay tuned for that REVEAL. Anticipated publication date is October 1st.

And for the first month, the kindle version will be FREE!!

In the meantime, here are a few recent collections of short stories that I’ve enjoyed reading. Check them out. They’re on amazon!

Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts
Odds and Ends: An Assortment of Sorts by Dustin LaValley

Robbed of Sleep: Stories to Stay Up For (#1)
Robbed Of Sleep: Stories to Stay Up for by Troy Blackford (Editor), Mercedes M. Yardley, Val Tenterhosen, Anthony J. Rapino, M.C. O’Neill, Todd Keisling, David Eccles, Tom Bordonaro, John Boden

Atlas of Women
Atlas of Women, by Suzanne Jenkins

A Book Recommendation:

Touring the Upper East Side -- New York Landmarks ConservancySome years back, I picked up a copy of the New York Landmarks Conservancy’s Touring the Upper East Side by Andrew S. Dolkart. I can’t recall where I bought it, maybe the Historical Society or the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but anyway, this past year, finally, my son and I decided to actually walk some of the wonderful tours described in its pages! We started with the Treadwell Farm Historic District where we sat in on a church service, moved on to do part of the Upper East Side Historic District (bothered a couple of doormen to let us in lobbies), and then this past week, we took in the small Henderson Place Historic District (almost attended an open house, but chickened out!)

The book is beautifully laid out and easy to follow with fabulous images. We learned quite a bit about the streets we’ve walked for over twenty years and came home from each tour inspired do more exploring online.

The book includes an index to architects and buildings, and the only thing I missed was perhaps a dictionary explaining some of the architectural terms. More than once we looked at each other and wondered, “what does that mean?” Thankfully we used my son’s iphone to provide onsite, on-the-fly clarifications!

I was not aware that there are other walking tours published by the Conservancy (Lower Manhattan, The Flatiron, Historic Harlem) and look forward to a guided exploration of these additional neighborhoods. You can order Touring the Upper East Side or any of the other titles HERE!

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