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So excited to announce (a bit later than intended, but life and a surgery got in the way!) that my newest book, Lightning: A Collection of Very Small Stories is now available.

As promised, the kindle version (and epub and various others) is FREE at Smashwords. You can download it HERE! I’m trying to get the Amazon Kindle version free as well, but as I learned, the lowest an author can price a book is 99 cents. So my Amazon kindle version is 99 cents and if enough people click the link at Amazon to indicate they found a cheaper version (at smashwords) I am hopeful that Amazon will price match and in not too much time, it will become Free on Amazon as well!!

Lightning:  A Collection of Very Small Stories

And finally, this little book is available in paperback, and if you’re a fan of Sam Tsui’s art you’ll want to get your hands on this so you can really appreciate his beautiful cover design. Here’s the link to order the paperback: Paperback at Amazon!

I’ll be hosting a paperback giveaway on Goodreads.com shortly, so stay tuned!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share this cover with you! Like my cover for A Gazillion Little Bits, this beauty was designed and created by Sam Tsui, and I am so honored to have his art for this book of short (short short) stories!

So, here’s the Kindle cover:

Lightning:  A Collection of Very Small Stories

And here’s the front and back for the paperback version:

Lightning:  A Collection of Very Small Stories

I’m waiting on proofs for the paperback and am assembling the files to upload for Kindle and I’m hoping to be all set by October 1st. Maybe earlier! And did I mention, my kindle version is going to be FREE!!! I’m so looking forward to your feedback. I’ve had a great time writing these little stories and hope you enjoy them!

I’m so excited to be putting the finishing touches on my flash fiction collection, Lightning: A Collection of Very Small Stories. In these one-page pieces, you’ll find Sirens, a red-mustached ghost, talking mice, serial killers, a dog, a mysterious warehouse, a woman lost in a parking lot, ancestors, a crazy farmer, rainbows, a shape-shifter, a factory worker, several stories from the post-apocalyptic world of my novel, A Gazillion Little Bits, and much, much more!

Each story in the collection is under 500 words and 6 or 7 of them are exactly 100 words each.

I’m also thrilled to announce that the wonderful Sam Tsui will be creating the cover for Lightning: A Collection of Very Small Stories! Stay tuned for that REVEAL. Anticipated publication date is October 1st.

And for the first month, the kindle version will be FREE!!

In the meantime, here are a few recent collections of short stories that I’ve enjoyed reading. Check them out. They’re on amazon!

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