Are you wondering what an EVERSTEW is??
To find out, check out my guest post, “Slow Cookin’ in the Year 2256 – The Food of A Gazillion Little Bits” at The Book Faery Reviews.
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While you’re there, be sure to browse her site — lots of great reviews, guest authors and fun stuff. Thank you, Farrah, for the opportunity to visit!

I’m so excited to share the book trailer for A Gazillion Little Bits.

The video was created by Anne-Rae Vasquez with underscoring by Skip Brevis. And of course, credit for the gorgeous cover art & design goes to Sam Tsui!

A Gazillion Little Bits (full cover)The fabulous Aparna Singh at Doodles, doodles everywhere is hosting an international book & amazon gift-card GIVEAWAY for A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS on her blog! Hurry on over and check it out and enter to win, and while you’re there, spend some time exploring her site.  She’s got all sorts of fun stuff going on, and not just book related!

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NYC - 2256 - A Gazillion Little BitsThe New York City of A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS in the year 2256 is a vastly changed landscape, though much relates to the city of today.

City parks, such as Carl Schurz @ 84th, Central Park, Thomas Jefferson @ 112th, uncluttered by the rubble and ruins of the streets, are home to small communities.

Most bridges are gone.  The feet of the Brooklyn Bridge remain exposed and foundations of other East River crossings can be found, submerged.  The George Washington Bridge, covered in food gardens, is intact, ending in a wall that blocks access to NJ, where subterranean fires have burned for generations.

Sam Tsui has created a wonderful map to accompany my novel and I’m pleased to share it with you, here!  Click the map to Zoom!

You can also use the “Look Inside” feature at Amazon to preview the map and first few chapters. Click to visit the book on Amazon –> A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS


So excited to reveal my cover and announce that the Kindle edition of A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS is available now on Amazon!! (paperback available in about a week!) The “Look Inside” feature at Amazon has a good amount of the novel available to preview, so take a peek….

This amazing cover design (go on, click on it to Zoom!) was created by Sam Tsui, and while some of you may know him from the music world, I want you to know that he is a wonderful artist who has been kind and generous enough to bring this post-apocalyptic world to life through his art!!! Special bonus, he also created the map of NYC, 2256 inside the book!!

A Gazillion Little Bits (full cover)

A Gazillion Little Bits

New York City. 2256.

Isolated by shifting lands, fire and beasts, fewer than thirteen thousand people live in the ruins and rubble of Manhattan without technology, government or any connection to the world from which they’ve descended.

Until the mysterious whispers arrive, followed by a stranger who holds what may be the key to the city’s ultimate survival.

A GAZILLION LITTLE BITS coming soon to Amazon!  Stay tuned for sneak preview of cover designed by Sam Tsui!

Stay tuned for the publication of my debut novel, A Gazillion Little Bits — a post apocalyptic story that takes place in New York City, two hundred years in the future.

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